Food platter with healthy food


Many of us from childhood have been listening to advices such as “don’t eat potatoes, it will make you fat”
Or “egg yolks are not healthy so eat only the egg white”. Let just anybody mention about diabetes and without even sparing a second thought we advise them to cut down rice intake. Some food myths over time have been so deeply rooted in our minds that we do not even bother to see if such myths have any scientific explanation.
So here goes a list of common food myths that you must know about so that your health decisions are not guided by such baseless beliefs.

Food Myth #1 : Coconut,peanut and Cashew nut is bad for cholestrol
If you have cholesterol and have been advised by a relative, friend or a neighbor’s friend to stop eating Coconut, Peanut or Cashew Nut,before considering this expert opinions listen to what Rujuta Diwekar,the celebrity nutritionist for well known bollywood personalities like Kareena Kapoor,Saif Ali khan and Alia Bhatt has to say.
As per Rujuta,Coconut,Peanut and Cashew Nut is by no means harmful but good for those having cholesterol.They have phytosterol, a plant form of Cholestrol by eating which the production of cholesterol in our body is regulated and as such when eaten by those people who have high cholesterol,it helps them stay more healthy.[source:]

Food Myth#2:Ghee is fattening
If you love eating Rice with Ghee, or that spoonful of Ghee over your Paratha, but is confused wether it can make you fat, then here is good news for you.Ghee will not make you fat but can help you lose stubborn fat from body.Ghee has unique short chain fatty acid structure and it is lipolytic in nature and hence it can break down fat.Not only that ghee works as an anti aging and anti wrinkling therapy and is good for joints and brain health too.[Source:]

Food Myth#3:Green tea detoxifies our body
If ads by some skinny heroine in the TV is making you think that you should now switch to green tea and stop drinking your favorite cup of Black or white tea,then its time to rethink.As Per Rujuta Diwekar,the benefits of green tea has been over hyped and that black tea or even white tea also contains same amount of antioxidant as green tea though it may be in different form. Hence if you hate the taste of green tea please don’t drink it.You can safely continue with your black or white tea but of course in moderation.[Source:Rujuta Diwekar Official Youtube Page]

Food Myth#4:Rice is bad for diabetics
So here the whole story is that there is an index called Glycemic Index(GI), Which is a relative ranking of carbohydrate in foods according to how they affect blood glucose levels. [Source:].
People having diabetes should not consume food having high GI as this may shoot up their blood glucose level. And rice being a food with high GI is considered to be bad for diabetics.But the unknown fact is that when rice is eaten with dal/veggies/curd/curry etc, its GI is reduced and thus rice is totally safe for diabetics.[Source:]

Food Myth#5:Brown rice is better than white rice
Rice is the staple food of the entire population of eastern and southern parts of India. And for centuries these people have been eating white rice.Yes you are reading it right.”white rice” have been the main food for these people.And then suddenly many companies came up with many explanations that what these people have been eating since times immemorial is nothing but empty calories and it can make them fat and even worse diabetics.
But the fact is that white rice is far better than brown rice as it gets assimilated easily in the body,While brown rice being very high in fiber is hard to assimilate.So if you are rice lover like me ,go ahead and enjoy white rice without any fear or confusion.[]

Food Myth#6:Sugar is Evil:
If you are one of those who don’t add that one or two spoonful sugar in your tea,coffee or nimbu paani due to fear of getting fat or for fear of diabetes, but eat Marie, digestive biscuits and multigrain breads without any guilt thinking these are healthy food, then this is for you. As explained by India’s most sought after dietician Rujuta Diwekar,adding a teaspoon of Sugar or two to our food, chai,coffee or sherbet is not harmful but the processed food like digestive biscuit, health drinks, multigrain bread etc that we eat considering them healthy are the real culprit.
So what you should really cut down from your diet is not that few spoonful of sugar that you add in your food but those so called healthy processed food that does us more harm than help. Loads of Sugar is added to these food to increase it’s shelf life and to flavor them and these hidden sugar that we consume out of ignorance is making us unhealthier.[]

Food Myth#7: Extra virgin olive oil is better than local oils like mustard oil and groundnut Oil
A litre of kachi ghaani mustard oil costs aroud Rs. 115/-.And a liter of extra virgin olive oil costs around 1000 Rs. Per liter. Wondering why olive oil is so costly ? Since it is so costly it must be better than mustard oil. But no we are wrong to think that exotic, imported and costly oils are better than the locally produced mustard oil, ground nut oil or coconut oil. Don’t trust me?Fine. Listen to what Rujuta diwekar the dietician to bollywood divas like kareena Kapoor and Alia Bhatt has to say. According to Rujuta Diwekar only oils produced in India like mustard oil,ground nut oil,coconut oil etc can bring out the true flavours of Indian Cuisine and most importantly they are by no means less healthy than extra virgin olive oil.[Source:Rujuta Diwekar official youtube channel]

Food Myth#8:We should avoid eating egg yolks as it may cause cholesterol:
Are you an egg lover but fear eating egg yolks as it has cholesterol? Now its time to get updated to what the new studies has revealed about egg yolks.
Many years back scientists found out that high blood cholesterol is the cause of heart disease and at that time it was thought that food high in cholesterol was the culprit behind rise in blood cholesterol.
But now scientists have discovered that the true reason of rise in blood cholesterol is trans fat and not food having high cholesterol such as egg yolks. A study conducted in the university of Connecticut even proved that fat in egg yolks help reduce bad cholesterol. So when you make omelet tomorrow morning don’t just make it with egg white but with a whole egg and eat without fear.[]

Food Myth#9:Diabetic people should not eat sweet fruits like banana,mango etc:
Don’t fear fruits if you have diabetes.Many diabetic people stop eating fruits becaue they fear that fructose found in fruits can increase the blood glucose level.But the fact is that most fruits have low to medium glycaemic index(GI)and so do not cause sharp rise in blood glucose level. Besides contrary to the food myth that fructose in fruits is harmful, actually fructose helps in regulating blood Sugar( fruits are rich in fiber, enzymes, minerals etc. which does a lots of good to our body.
Though we have listed just a few common food myths there are lot many such food myths surrounding us that needs to be busted .So how to do it?Food Myths pass from person to person so before taking any self declared expert’s advice on food we eat,we ourselves should check if there is any logical backing behind such advice and should not pass on any advise to another without knowing whether it is food myth or a food fact.